A non-judgemental and compassionate approach

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Are you depressed with little energy or enthusiasm for life? Psychotherapy may help.

Anxiety and depression are common conditions that can be treated effectively by a clinical psychologist either privately or under a Mental Healthcare Plan from your GP.

We all have days where we don't want to get out of bed, but if you have experienced prolonged difficulty coping with everyday life, where everything is hard, and there is no joy, you may have clinical depression. A constant negative mood caused by the physical and chemical state of your brain.

Depression is often a vicious circle where you no longer enjoy doing the things you usually enjoy and going through the motion, doing these now joyless tasks, leaves you feeling worse and unable to do anything. We call this a negative feedback loop, and therapy can help retrain the way your brain thinks and the way you go about your day to bring back joy into your life.

Acute anxiety and anxiety attacks are also often the product of a similar negative feedback mechanism. For example, if you suffer from anxiety about driving after a car accident, you start feeling nervous just thinking about driving, and each step closer you get to your vehicle, the more anxious you feel. In such an example, you may find it physically impossible to get in the car. This sensation is your brain and body's way of protecting you from the imagined anticipated harm.

In both the depression and anxiety example, psychotherapy can help you; better understand your mind and body, to, in a sense, re-wire the faulty thought pathways in your brain. We try and detect these negative emotions and sensations early in the cycle so you can recall and use techniques we have developed together so that you can more easily cope with these feelings and continue with your life without the restrictions of anxiety or depression.

All of your therapy is private and confidential and held at your pace in a safe and caring environment. My clients often comment that just being able to talk is the first stage of the cure.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your journey.


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