A non-judgemental and compassionate approach

Are you and your partner arguing more than usual? Do you hold anger and resentment towards each other? Perhaps you feel disconnected or have lost your 'attraction for each other'? Have you lost trust in your partner?

Many of life's problems and people’s unhappiness seems to be connected to their relationships. These are just a few of the themes I find when helping couples with their marriage or relationship. With more than 30 years experience in relationship therapy, I consider myself to have a reasonable understanding of how people relate to each other, how they communicate with each other, and how conflicts emerge and how they can be resolved between couples.

 Some of the relationship concerns with which couples struggle include:

  • Difficulties in communicating, feeling as if you are not being heard, or not being understood.
  • Feeling disconnected and emotionally distant from your partner
  • Continual unresolved conflict over; finance, parenting, other family members, in-laws, insufficient time with each other, and sex
  • Rebuilding trust after an affair. This is not easy, takes considerable work and asks a great deal of the “betrayed partner’. But with sufficient commitment, it can be done!

I often hear from clients that life is too busy, too complicated and too demanding. So part of therapy is taking time to reflect and make sense of how we are feeling and how our loved ones may be feeling. We are so busy multi-tasking while trying to deal with the stresses and demands of daily living, that we forget to make time for ourselves and for genuinely connecting and being present with our loved ones.

If you are looking to improve communication, connection and trust in your partner, I offer you a safe space to talk about your issues, providing you and your partner with; insight into why problems arise, techniques to improve communication and steps to build trust, while offering you both understanding and support during this process of rebuilding and repairing your relationship.

These days, people are too quick to give up on their relationships. Moving on to the next relationship often does not bring happiness. Unless we understand ourselves and how we relate to others we are likely to simply repeat the patterns from the past.

Both individual or couple therapy can bring insight and understanding so that the bonds we form with others are both satisfying and rewarding.

I look forward to helping you.


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