A non-judgemental and compassionate approach

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? Are you depressed with little energy or enthusiasm for life? Psychotherapy may help.

Anxiety and depression are common conditions that can be treated effectively by a clinical psychologist either privately or under a Mental Healthcare Plan from your GP.

If your sex life isn't as good as it used to be, or you have difficulties in arousal, or performance anxiety, I may be able to help.

Sex is a topic that many feel uncomfortable to talk about, let alone seeking therapy for difficulties in this area.

As a sex therapist, I am quite comfortable talking about sexual issues. This helps my clients feel more comfortable talking about such an intimate topic.

I have close to 30 years' experience in assessing and treating attention deficit disorder in children and adults.

Over that time, I have seen society's attitude change from being dismissive, cynical and with blame placed on parents, to today where there greater acceptance that ADD and ADHD are real conditions with a neurological base that lead to the brain working differently compared to the "average brain".

Do you feel like you have difficulty controlling your child? Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour, social or emotional adjustment and/or general development?

Having a “problem” child places a great strain on the parent-child relationship. At times like that, I have often heard parents say, “I love my child, but I don’t like him/her.

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