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Missed or Cancelled Appointments

Attending each scheduled therapy session is important for continuity of therapy. Missed appointments may be charged for. At least two days notice is required for cancellations; otherwise a charge may apply.

Getting to Our Rooms

We are at Osborne City Medical Centre, 461 Scarborough Beach Road, OSBORNE PARK.
This is close to Mitchell Freeway Hutton Street exit. If travelling West on Scarborough Beach Road towards the coast, it is on the left hand side, just before Harvey Norman. There is adequate parking directly in front of the building. Should there be no one in reception, just take a seat, and you will be met by your psychologist when he or she is ready.
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Professional Fees

This practice charges the standard fee recommended by the Australian Psychological Society ($251.00 per 46 to 60 minute consultation), but this is discounted to $210.00 if payment is made at the time of the consultation. Payments may be made by cheque, cash or credit card. Shorter sessions are charged proportionately less. No charge is made for telephone time where the call is kept relatively brief. Generally GST does not apply, as this is a health related service.

Billing and Payments

You are expected to pay for each consultation on the day, unless there is an alternative agreement, or you have employee assistance or insurance coverage which requires another arrangement. Payment schedules for other professional services will be agreed to when they are requested. (In circumstances of unusual financial hardship, we may be willing to negotiate a fee adjustment or payment instalment plan).


Psychology services for specific psychological problems are covered by Medicare. In order to claim a Medicare rebate (currently $126.50 per session to a maximum of ten sessions per calendar year), you will need, either a referral from your GP, who will need to prepare a “GP Mental Health Care Plan”, or a psychiatrist or paediatrician referral, (without the need for a mental health care plan). For more information on Medicare rebates for mental health services provided by psychologists, click here to read the APS fact sheet.

Should you have Ancillary Cover with a Private Health Insurance Fund, you may claim a rebate for Clinical Psychology services. You cannot, however, claim from Medicare and your Private Health Fund. Rebates vary between funds and we suggest you check with your Health Insurance Fund in order to ascertain the amount of the rebate to which you are entitled.

Worker's Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you were referred under Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle Accident insurance, you are still ultimately responsible for meeting your account. Our practice, however, is to bill the insurer direct. Should the insurer not accept liability for the claim, then you will be responsible for meeting your account. Please note that insurance companies will not cover fees for short notice cancellations or missed appointments. Missed appointments will be charged to the individual at the standard rate.

Minors and Children

When a child under the age of thirteen or fourteen has been referred it is preferable that one or both parents are seen first for an initial consultation so that issues can be discussed without the child being present. While this is primarily for information gathering, even at the first interview some guidance and advice is often given as to strategies that might help with the problem. Where a child under the age of about six is referred, that child may not be seen at all. Our psychologists prefer to work with the parents, believing that they are likely to be the most powerful agents of change for the child. With older children and teenagers, a dynamic, interactive style is used in order to engage the child in the therapeutic process. While giving due consideration to issues of confidentiality, we try to keep the parents informed as to the problems and the treatment being used.


All information and records regarding you are kept strictly confidential. The practice will not release any information about you to anyone except at your request and then only with your written authority. There are five possible exceptions to this.

  1. If a medical practitioner (or some other professional) made the referral, a brief report is sent to him or her. This report is a courtesy to the referring doctor so that they know what is being done for you.
  2. Where an Insurance Company covers the cost of your consultation, the company requires regular reports. You are welcome to a copy of any report that is written concerning you. Should there be a particular issue that arises in therapy that you wish to remain absolutely confidential, please indicate this and your confidence will be respected.
  3. Where failure to disclose information would place you or some other person at risk, then the confidentiality agreement would have to be broken. If such a situation arose we would make every effort to fully discuss this with you before taking any action.
  4. In most legal proceedings, you have the right to prevent any information about your treatment being made available to anyone. However confidentiality cannot be maintained in the following circumstances: if you are involved in a court case, and your psychologist appears on your behalf, or if a subpoena is served on your psychologist to either appear in court or provide the court with information. In these circumstances a psychologist's records have no special legal privilege and the information requested would have to be provided.
  5. Occasionally your psychologist may find it helpful to consult other professionals about a case. During such a consultation, every effort is made to avoid revealing the identity of the client. The consultant is also legally bound to keep the information confidential. If you don’t object, your psychologist will not necessarily tell you about these consultations.

Charter for clients

As a psychologist registered with the Psychology Board fo Australia, and a member of the Australian Pyschological Society (APS), I abide by the charter for clients as outlined here.

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